Glad You Asked is a unique small group experience that sparks conversations about faith.

The best conversations often start with a question. Have you ever heard…

• Where is God when people suffer?
• Isn’t the Bible anti-women and full of violence?
• If Jesus was God, why did he die?

Glad You Asked tackles these important questions, and more:

• How do we makes sense of life?
• Can the Bible be trusted?
• Is Jesus God?
• Did Jesus rise from the dead?
• What does it mean to be a Christian?

In stimulating small groups, you decide which topic to start with, and which one to do next. The goal – build a conversation about faith that you are truly part of.

Each session asks some great communicators for their input on the topic – people who have spent their careers wrestling with the very questions we ask.  Their contributions are divided into short interviews of about 3-5 minutes, followed by a discussion question to help you all engage with the topic.  An average DVD session is about 20 minutes, so there is plenty of time for conversation.

If you know someone who is asking big questions, why not let Glad You Asked spark some interesting conversations about faith?