Session 2: Does God exist?

In this session, an atheist and a theist present their arguments in the debate about the existence of God.

Contributors to Session 2:

Dr Ard Louis
Ard is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a Reader in Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, where he leads an interdisciplinary research group studying problems on the border between chemistry, physics and biology. He is also the International Secretary for Christians in Science, an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and has served on the European advisory board of the John Templeton Foundation.[1]

Dr David Webster
David is a Senior Lecturer in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Gloucester. He joined the University of Gloucester in 2000, after working at Sunderland University and the Open University. His main research interests are Buddhist Studies, the Philosophy of Desire, and Issues of Ageing, Sickness and Death in Philosophy and Religion.

Dr Sharon Dirckx
Sharon Dirckx is an Academic Tutor at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and an associate apologist for The Zacharias Trust. Originally from a scientific background, she has a Ph.D. in brain imaging from the University of Cambridge and has held research positions in Switzerland, the USA and the University of Oxford.